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Creative Design and Development Services In Pune and Mumbai (India)

What is Creative Design?

Creative design is what you need to make your client stand out in their industry. It includes unique, effective and memorable designs that are also handmade, custom or different. This means going out of your way to make something special—even if it’s just a font, drawing a logo or making different iconography.

Advantages of Creative Design

Creative design is often underestimated because it is not defined correctly. Companies think that all they have to do to be creative is hire a graphic designer. In reality, creative design includes a lot more than just visual design.

Creative design is more than just what you see. It’s what you feel and the way in which the audience is engaged in your story. Creative designs can come in many forms: ads, videos, contests, apps and e-commerce sites.

A creative website design is one of the most crucial factors in your success. A memorable design will make a big impact on your website visitors and strengthen your brand’s identity. To do this, it’s important to keep it consistent across all contexts, including your logo, social media pages, and more. Do that, and you’ll create a recognizable impression that will last

What is Functional Design?

Functional design is a method of simplifying hardware and software design by focusing on the function of every part in the system. As it reduces interface complexities, it makes it easier to modify, study or reuse.

Advantages of Functional Design

The functional design is all about the purpose of the product, like what a screwdriver is used for. Although there are many innovations in screwdriver design, they still have to be able to drive screws. This can be done with more ergonomic handles, ratchet-assemblies, and magnetic tips. But in the end, each one must drive screws.

When it comes to websites, their goal is either to give information or to sell. Amazon’s goal is to sell their products, and for the people who use it, the most important purpose is – to buy. On the other hand, a blog’s goal is to provide interesting information.

A functional website is one that provides what visitors are looking for and offers a clear navigation system to help them find their way through the site. A functional design also takes into account the possibility that visitors may make mistakes, such as with website navigation or typing errors. The site should be ready for mistakes and anticipate them as much as possible so you can quickly get back on track.

Balance Between Creative and Functional Design

When you are building a web site, you need to build the site your visitors expect you to have. Creative and functional web design both have many advantages. But if you only focus on one, you may be missing out on the other’s important characteristics.

The perfect blend of creative and functional web design keeps your customer’s attention. It also encourages them to spend more time on your website, which means more business for you.

To convert your visitors into paying customers, you need to have a functional site that gives them a satisfying experience. Use what you know about UX to build a site that is perfectly functional but still looks fantastic.