Email Marketing

Email Marketing is communicating with Subscribers (Existing & Potential Customers) through Email Campaigns for Brand or Business Promotion, Recent Updates, News Letters, Offers & Vouchers; and Thanking Email For Being A Valuable Subscriber / Member

Email Marketing BICAds

How Is Email Marketing Done! – Step-Wise

Collecting emails from existing Clients through Contact Sources Like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, LinkedIn, etc.

Buying valid email list to target the right audiences

Using the right template and customizing the same to make it more appealing to the audience.
This sounds easy but needs a lot of research and an expert to handle

Advantages Of Email Marketing

Email Marketing shows best results if the audiences are targeted correctly

Email Marketing let’s them receive recent updates, makes them aware about new launches, new services, and more

Email Marketing gives the right report for campaigns

It increases conversion of customers at all levels

Large number of audiences can be targeted through this technique